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Why use EDD's Place?

Professional Recordings | 48 Hour Turnaround | Only Pay Once You're 100% Happy

How good does it sound?

EDD's Place is a studio, purpose built and treated for recording drums. This, along with high end microphones and pre-amps, means you will get the highest quality recording to the same standard of any professionally released music!

I've used online drummers but I wasn't happy with the result...

My priority is that you are 100% happy with how your track sounds as well as how efficiently I get it done. My usual turnaround time is under 48 hours.

How much?

No more do you have to pay for a studio, engineer and producer. This is an all-in-one solution for the price of a drummer AND you only pay once you're completely happy with the result.

What People Are Saying


Working with Emily was such a pleasure. Sometimes remote sessions can feel a little clinical and more business-like than artistic, but this certainly wasn’t the case with Emily. She completely understood what I was after, recorded the track in a crazily short amount of time and absolutely nailed it straight away! Her playing is so full of character & feel and she really brought the song to life. I couldn’t be happier with what she played and how smoothly everything went!

Joe Perkins - Artist/Producer (UK) JoePerkins.co.uk

What a great way to make a world class drummer available to everyone, anywhere, anytime. I've worked with Emily in the studio many a time and her knowledge of her gear, control of her articulations and presentation of groove and style is just wonderful. Oh, and she is also one of the most wonderful humans who obviously lives and breathes hitting stuff!

Andy Schrav - Producer/Songwriter (Australia) Schrav.com

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Get drums recorded quickly and easily with a world class professional drummer. All you need to send is an MP3 of your song without drums. It couldn't be simpler!